O’Rourke’s Table

Flat-topped drumlin, O’Rourkes Table, makes a great walk for the family. Walkers who make the effort to climb up O’Rourke’s Table, helped by several hundred steps cut into the side on the ridge are rewarded by amazing views of Lough Gill, Parkes Castle and Sligo Bay.

There are a couple of legends surrounding O Rourkes Table; one involves the local chieftain who used to live nearby. It is said that Tiernan O Rourke used to climb the verge when returning home from hunting expeditions to check if his wife had left a candle in the window for him, as a symbol of her love. However, one day there was no candle in the castle window. Devorgilla (wife of Tiernan O’Rourke) had eloped with Dermot McMurrough (the King of Leinster) in 1153 an act, which brought about a feud and McMurrough’s eventual exile from Ireland.